Andriod or Iphone

Should I buy an Iphone or an Andriod?, which one should I use in a country such as Botswana, below we will look at some things to take into consideration when deciding


The primary reason why andriod is more popular in Botswana and other developing countries is because of the cost of owning one. The cost of buying a phone and the cost of maintaining the phone such as replacing or repairing parts, which one is cheaper? these are the things people take into consideration. Not only the cost but what services the phone offers, Google Play Store has more apps than IOS and andriod is more popular in the gaming community so many young people will take advantage of andriods price plus gaming


Apple is huge. There’s no way around it. As a brand, Apple has control over everything with its products. Unlike Android devices, where Google creates the operating system and OEMs produce the hardware, Apple maintains everything. Because of that, Apple can keep a stranglehold over quality control, such that their products (for the most part) enjoy a “top to bottom” reliability. You rarely hear of people complain about Apple hardware. The intersection of Apple hardware and software cannot be bested. Even Google Pixel devices don’t enjoy that same level of consistency. Google builds the software and a third party creates the hardware. That could change with the Pixel 6 when Google begins using its own CPU chips. However, that doesn’t mean Google will build (or control) every aspect of the hardware. As a brand, people trust Apple more than Google. That trust goes well beyond phones and into data, and what is done with said data. Beyond trust, Apple’s brand is just shinier and more polished than Google’s. Consider the commercials for both iPhones and Android devices. Apple never fails to release commercials with the exact hip sheen that consumers in this country want to see. Apple is also more popular amongst the youth in this social media age as its camera is known for its quality which beats all its competitors