The benefits of taking a Gap year before University/college

Some benefits of taking a gap year before going for tertiary education

Determine your real goals and the best way to achieve them

If you’re unsure what area you want to study in, it may not make sense to head straight to school. Spending a gap year traveling abroad can help you determine your goals before you select a college major or choose a career track you may be stuck with for the bulk of your entire life. Gap Year Association data noted that 84% of respondents to their study said their time abroad helped them learn skills that helped them become successful in their work. Further, 77% said their gap year helped them find their purpose in life, 75% said it helped them get a job, and 73% reported their gap year helped them prepare for college.

Find yourself without spending tens of thousands on higher education

It may be possible to learn about the future you want while in your first year at university, but there’s a high cost that comes with “finding yourself” at school and some students end up hating the major they took because they did not take time of to think about the career they want or exploring other alternatives before finally deciding to go for higher education

Gain valuable career experience.

You can use a gap year to gain career and life experience by finding a job or entreprenuership to learn some of life's challenges in our society such as unemployment or successfully running a small business