Thatayaone Collen Lusha popularly known as 'Partymode_911' is the turning point in the hip-hop scene in his country The Botswana based rapper originates from Rakops in the central district of Botswana. having been born in Francistown and raised in Orapa, Party relocated to the south, finding residence in the capital city of Gaborone in order to persue his studies and live closer to his dream of one day running the hip-hop scene in his country and also taking the global route. Partymode_911 believes he is a legend in the making and in light to his self belief, he puts extra effort to make music for all kinds of occassions and moods. He believes being a legend is being hard working and consistent and has said "i'm a horse that never rests", once in a song to emphasize his point

Partymode_911 dropped his debut single during the lockdown days in 2020. The song was titled "Shine" and it featured rapper "Apexxxx". This was his first big step towards him realizing his dream as the song did well over any of his expectations and people loved it and they didn't hesitate to let Party know he had something. After taking in all the love, Party knew exactly what he had and went on to release a couple of singles leading to his debut project.

Early 2021 Partymode_911 released his debut project and was dubbed "Modo Fiesta" which was the title of his debut 12 track Extended Play(EP). He took this as a major success. Modo Fiesta became an alies of which Partymode_911 intends to transfer into merchandise and many more. Be on the lookout for Modo Fiesta The Brand.

Again showing off his crazy work ethic, Partymode_911would team up with rapper "SketchThaHoodie" and together they would drop a joint Album only a few months after Modo Fiesta was released. "I know I'm crazy for dropping a debut tape and a joint album but I'm a legend, thats how we do" he said. The joint album "Moudini" which was a mixture of "Modo Fiesta" Partymode_911's and "Houdini" SketchThaHoodie's alias did wonders fow Party and Sketch as for the first time in both rapper's careers they sat on itunes charts for awhile with their highest ranking being 12th in Hip-hop charts in Botswana. This was the biggest booster Party could have ever got and he intends to move higher on the charts with his coming projects.