I’ll give you some reasons why you should use Twitter:

1. Twitter is a news source unlike any other.

Conventional news sources often have time-consuming editorial processes that scrape out bad grammar, inappropriate content, and other objectionables.
Conventional news sources also don't publish stories until stories have been written, even if the real scoop is just a sentence or so.
Twitter allows brief, honest commentary that travels from the horse's mouth instantaneously.

2. Twitter allows 140 characters in each tweet, which means people are concise.

Twitter forces even the most vocal people to cut down their thoughts into 140-character or less pieces, which enables you to see what they really want to say.
Listening to even a smart person talk for an hour can get monotonous.
Listening to a smart person tweet their favorite tips, proverbs, and life lessons? Now that's useful.

3. You'll always know what's happening right at this moment.

The great thing about Twitter is that if you follow important people related to topics you care about, odds are they'll still be talking about it an hour or even a day later.
It's better to follow a lot of people, so you can always have a great grasp on what's happening right now from multiple perspectives.

4. Twitter search will answer questions and ease your suffering.

Twitter search is one of the features that make twitter unique, if you’re facing a problem e.g. YouTube is not working, twitter is your best friend here. Type “YouTube" and feel better that you're not the only one complaining about it.
This applies to any problem you're having that others might have, including a question like "why's there a massive roadblock in Gaborone" All you'd need to do is type in "Gaborone" to see what people are saying about it.

5. It’s the only way to keep tabs on celebrities and other notable people.

No one platform makes essential information as public and as omnipresent as Twitter.
Almost every celebrity, sports star, writer, or CEO/founder has a Twitter, and following them is the best way to hear what they actually think, when they actually think it.
When you follow someone for a long period of time, you develop a subconscious closeness with them, almost like you feel about a TV show character who you've been watching season after season. It's a warm feeling.

6. Twitter is the perfect place for roasts.

Following comedians or fake celebrity accounts on Twitter is incredibly enjoyable.
When every tweet is 140 characters, every joke also has to be 140 characters, which means the ones that hit home are truly brilliant.
And the best part? The best roasts and funny tweets get circulated super quickly via re-tweets.