Get to know Lesley.

Upcoming artist ‘Superstar Lesley’ real name Thuto Gilbert Leseane was born in Gaborone and grew up in mochudi. He began his interest in music in 2016 and started recording. He has grown since and now owns a record label called Knave records with his brother 7ventxxn 2welv who is a trapsoul artist and producer at the label. The label helped them have their own space where they could control their art direction.


He has one Ep “DARTS” and a tape called “PHOTOALBUM MIXTAPE”. In the Photoalbum he paints a vivid picture his life and love story. He said hasn’t dropped a debut single or album yet and has just been dropping mixtapes just to build up for the perfect opening. He said love is the only drug and substance he needs to keep his music going, passion in there too.

He also stated that he is very open to working with upcoming artists because he felt like artists in Botswana need to stick together more and just focus on the music and forget the politics. “There’s just so much we can do as young artists and we can do it.” And ended by saying he’s one artist who believes in a very unique international sound and has always wanted his own sound to be worldclass.