A must read blog for young adults

A must read blog for young adults who are still in college or have graduated. The blog was founded by Michelle, who shares her story about graduating with almost $40,000 in student loan debt, and then side hustling her way to paying it off. Now, being debt free, she has transitioned to a fully online income stream, and no longer has to work a day job. Her story is incredibly inspiring, both on where she has been with her finances, as well as what she is doing today to support herself.

There are few stories out there more inspirational than Michelle Schroeder Gardner’s from Making Sense of Cents. Michelle followed the traditional path: going to school, graduating college, and getting a good corporate job, but once she “arrived” to her hard-sought position, she didn’t think it was all it was “hyped up to be”.

She was a Finance professional, and made reasonable pay, but she had lots of school loan debt and little time to enjoy life as a result. She decided to try getting out of debt by doing side hustles (like mystery shopping) and to chronicle her journey along the way, and that’s how her blog was born.

Within the first year, she learned it was possible to take her “little” online journal and begin making money from it when one of her friends introduced her to an advertiser who wanted to sponsor a post for $100. That first $100 turned a mental “light bulb” on, and she realized blogging could be a side hustle she might have been overlooking.

Within a few short years, her blog outpaced her corporate job and she decided to quite to focus on it. Now, 7 years later, she earns more than $100,000/mo from her blog (sometimes up to $200,000/mo) and she’s using the location freedom it affords her to travel the world. She travels sometimes in an RV and sometimes in a sailboat, and she still chronicles her adventures on her blog.

Visit the blog to get the full story and learn more. Making sense of cents