Art By Rodney:

Meet one of Botswana's most talented artists Rodney Keitemoge. He is a rising new voice in Art, and a very skilled person when it comes to the paintbrush. His talent has caught the eyes of many people as it has appeared on newspapers, on walls across main mall and on social media pages.

About Rodney

Rodney stated that he was inspired to endeavour on his artistic journey as a result of his consistent thought in exploring nature, human relations: expression and impression, variation of abilities and a resonating choice to inspire the new generation. He not only gifts his skill to the world through creating art, but also by teaching it, he started Art By Rodney with the vision of commercializing art in Botswana and establish local market value internationally. Art By Rodney makes a variety of art works from pencil drawings, coloured pencil drawings, fabric design, painting, graffiti and craft testing the market to also try to find our niche.

The style of his art captures the mosaic of life and his drawings detail story telling through hue and color as a picture worth a thousand words. He also stated that since Covid-19 it has been his daily mission to heal the world a brush stroke at a time. He also went on to state his Objective values which include "Inspire to be listend to", "Live every day", "Share energy". Rodney is one of the young artists in Botswana who are not afraid to show their talent. He is mainly based in Main Mall were him and other young local talent have been showing off their skills and seek to revolutionalize art in Botswana. By channeling hope and persistence, Rodney is challenging the odds and creating remarkable works of art full of emotion and power. He is providing an opportunity for himself that inspires a message of triumph, hard work, and unwavering faith.

Some of his amazing paintings include:

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