Social media, not streaming is the music industry’s future in Botswana.

After the covid-19 pandemic hit, the way artists engage with audiences began to shift, showing potential new ways we may consume music. Without the ability to host live concerts, many artists have moved onto social media and other online media platforms to interact with their audience.

Instagram live videos allow artists to directly answer fans’ questions and talk about their music, whilst platforms like TikTok allow fans to ‘duet’ videos with their favourite artists. Artists in turn can even duet with fans, allowing greater levels of interaction

Notable examples of this include when Drake set the world viewing record for an Instagram Live at 310,000 in March 2020, whilst Dua Lipa’s Studio 2054 Album live stream sold 284,000 tickets prior to the event. Such examples highlight how social media platforms like Instagram have offered a new way for artists to promote music and, crucially, engage with fans

Twitch is also a place to look to for musicians as it offers many benefits to artists such as: