The story behind King Kamzie:

Meet one of the best content creators in Botswana, Kamilah Aliyah popularly known as "King Kamzie" is a content creator, social media influencer, artist, owner of Imagine Venus. She stated that King kamzie is a name she came up with because a King is the highest form of royalty, the most respected person, it also refers to a male and her calling herself King she wanted to highlight that she does not refine herself to societal norms and Kamzie is just a nickname everyone calls her by.


She started with drawing in school and fell in love with art, she then got into modelling which led her to open an Instagram account where she began taking photos and editing them into new creations. That stemmed out into making YouTube videos and tiktoks. Along the way she dabbled in fashion designing, music, hair styling, make up, piercing, tattooing, the list is endless but all of them combined is what makes the full picture that is King Kamzie. She believe’s in always trying things out at least once so you know if you enjoy doing it, otherwise you may never know

She stated that her creative process is often just trial and error, there is no planning that goes into what she does, “I like to follow my instincts and so far the results have been rewarding”. We live in a time where people want reckless because it's relatable. She grew up very aware of the people around her and has seen how some are full of regret of the choices they made in life that’s what persuaded her to chase her ideas. She said that she was always drawn more to the artistic side of life so she promised herself she'd never allow people to force her to do what makes her miserable.

She started uploading content when she was 12 on Instagram and Facebook as they provided her with a safe space and she felt accepted online. She stated that a lot of people think social media ruined society but she think’s a lot of people found it to be a place where they could find people like themselves and not feel so out of place.

When she was about 10 she began her obsession with piercings and throughout the years she would do piercings on herself and it became a big part of her character. In her late teens she began tattooing herself as well. She then realized that it was an avenue she was destined for. So she decided to start Imagine Venus as a way to provide and educate people on what the best piercing materials are and the importance of taking the right steps in body modification. With Imagine Venus she sells her own line of piercing jewellery and also stated that she wants to venture into clothing as well in the future.

Kamilah also added that her target audience is everyone. From the kids (like she once was) who just need a reminder there are people out there like them, that they are accepted, to the elderly who want to experience a new side of life they may have always strayed away from.

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