The story behind Gorata K:

Consistency is key, in Botswana when we talk about the most consistent content creator’s, Gorata has to be among the Top 5. Gorata K. is one of Botswana’s biggest Youtube star’s with more than 7.1K subscribers and has over 305,649 views on her Youtube channel. Her channel is best known for vlogging, sharing her everyday life, motivational videos. She is a content creator, vlogger, digital entrepreneur and student.


She stated that she loves capturing moments be it through pictures and videos, she loves recording and that inspired her to start sharing her content with her friends through Youtube. She started posting on Youtube in late 2018 and her channel has grown significantly and has captured many viewers who love her content and her originality. She has one of the best catalogues in Botswana as her channel is full of relatable content and you can find a video for every mood, moment and views many people experienced or hold. Her channel has a wide range of entertaining videos that’s why you can never run out of content when going through it. She stated that she doesn’t really have a schedule as they come with so much pressure, she posts when she has content to share but even without it she has still managed to remain consistent when it comes to content.

Gorata also mentioned that she plans her content especially sit downs with other people she always writes down some notes to make sure she doesn’t forget anything but as for her vlogs they are more free flow that’s what most of her viewers are attracted to.

Lastly she stated that her content is mostly targeted towards unisex Botswana based youth so she has a video many of the youth relate to or love be it male or female. Be sure to check out her content on Youtube and appreciate the talent we have in Botswana.

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