An emerging artist to look out for.

Our first female appearance, meet Fourteen’OSix pronounced 14ohhh6. Fourteen’OSix is a Motswana singer, songwriter. She stated that she has always been a lover of music from a young age.


She stated that her very first encounter of music was reggae, her dad was playing it all the time and she fell in love with the story telling and emotion and it inspired her to start writing music even though it didn’t make sense at the time. She later discovered that she could actually sing after being forced to sing by her friends back in high school and hasn’t stopped to sing since, Fourteen’OSix has been recording music for about 2 years and stated that she is still experimenting with sound but is an Rnb/soul and alternative artist. She has worked with other local talent such as Apexxxx and she is under Apecxbain Records. She went on to release her single titled ‘Deserve Better’ on Sound cloud in 2021 which earned her wider attention as people got to witness her abilities and went to release another single ‘Frontin’ featuring Apexxxx which she went on to perform live at Up Twins and delivered an amazing performance. Fourteen’OSix is one of the essential new and rising artists poised to make a major impact in 2022 in the Botswana music industry and all eyes will be on her to see what more she has to offer.