The Problem with Inactive Followers/Ghost Followers

Everybody slows down to see a car accident, But how many people actually get out and help ?.

I came to the realization that followers don’t necessarily mean support after I saw that Coi Leray has 6m followers but her album sold 9K first week. Most people worry about the number of followers they have rather than the number of active followers they have, you have thousands of followers on Instagram but how many interact with your content (like, share)?, how many stream your music?, how many buy your products?.

You have to make sure your social media following is there because of your content, if you are an artist make sure your followers are there because of your music, paintings, drawing, if you sell products on social media your following should be there because of your product, not because of scandals or other topics. The focus should be on growing an authentic engaging following that would go their way out to support you and engage in your content.

Below are some ways to grow an active following