Challenges content creators face in Botswana.

1. Generating quality content.

The biggest problem with content creation is consistently producing high-quality posts. Trust us when we say that what works on the internet is a dilemma that all content creators face. Even though there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to content creation, there’s one thing that works, sooner or later: consistency.

Consistently and passionately creating content can take you places you have always envisioned for yourself. On the surface, it sounds easy, but the reality is complicated. You need to:

2. Cultivating a unique voice.

The second problem content creators face is staying true to their voice, assuming you have already found yours. When you’re producing content on different topics and for different channels (blogs, videos, Twitter, Instagram, podcasts, and whatnot), it gets tough to stick to one voice.
But there has to be an underlying tone connecting them all. Why? Because your own personal voice equals familiarity, which equals more followers. It is the voice that you create throughout your social media journey that resonates with your followers and how they distinguish you from other creators

3. Finding creative freedom.

‘Do this.’ When you garner a follower count good enough to start working with brands. Most brands tend to dictate and stifle your artistry because they fear brand safety. As bizarre as it sounds, frequent changes in briefs are not a rare instance in the influencer marketing industry and most artists start losing their identity because brands dictate what they can do, say, post.

4. Keeping your authenticity intact.

Too many sponsored posts can skew your genuineness. You have to remember that authenticity is the keystone of content creation, and without it, what’s the point? Most influencers start loosing their authenticity when working with brands