Taking your audience behind the scenes

Behind the scenes has become popular for content creators, because people love to learn about the story behind the story. Some reasons why taking your audience behind the scenes can grow your content.


People want to understand thoughts, challenges and passions that go on behind the scenes of their favorite creators as they add an element to the content so that when they finally watch or listen to it, they feel all warm and fuzzy that they know a little bit more than what others see (in marketing it’s also called creating exclusivity). It also makes people appreciate the effort a creator puts in their work.

Sneak Peek

People love to get a sneak peek of what’s coming, just like a movie trailer. People love feeling special and including your audience in your newest creation will always make them feel important, think of that ‘Exclusivity’ factor we talked about earlier.


Show your audience that you aren’t all work and no play . Let them know what you do on your day off. Do you read books?, Go to parties, Is there a special place you go to take your mind of everything.

Show off your workspace

People also love to get a glimpse into someone’s workspace and seeing first hand where the magic happens. Make sure all empty coffee cups and confidential information is cleared first and snap away.