Let's talk about the Apple Music Top 10 songs Botswana

The top 10 songs on Apple’s Top 100 Botswana playlist does not feature a single Motswana on the list. I was disappointed when I saw the list and often times people think local is ordinary. We need all hands on deck to push

Today, music is available in abundance. There simply is no shortage, and access isn’t a problem either. People can listen to their favorite music, to their heart’s content, either for free or for a low monthly fee.

And while your geographical location can factor into your viability as an artist, the world is a much smaller place now thanks to advancements in technology. Below I will talk about the benefits of local support to an artist and how they can grow their local support.

Collaborate & Cross-Promote with other local artists

Cover Local Music:

You can become an independent journalist, covering the local scene and sharing your ideas, thoughts and perspectives on what’s going on and what you’d like to see happen

Put Your money where your mouth is:

Invest in your image, brand and invest more in your career buy cheap but quality equipment. Find other people who are willing to invest their skills in your talent

Attend other peoples shows:

You wouldn’t be much of a local music supporter if you didn’t attend other peoples jams, shows.

Share your work:

Don’t be too shy to show other people your work and not being scared to grab an opportunity when given a chance